The Invasion of Cartel – the Republic of Texas

There are discrepancies in the combined treatment offered by the United States government, which led to the Republic of Texas not desiring an intimate partnership with the United States. The disloyalty of the Northern states and their citizens, in addition to, the irresponsible acts of the Federal Government…


President Abraham Lincoln Announces Ultimatum on the United States’ Behalf

On July 4, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln delivered an address, to the United States Congress, explaining his aims: waging war against the seceding Southern states. This speech was widely publicized and reprinted in newspapers around the North.

Dred Scott Decision

Dred Scott Case: it provoked more comment – and more heated debate – than any other Supreme Court decision in the four decades before the Civil War. The Dred Scott Case became a central political issue in the 1858 congressional elections and in the 1860 presidential campaign.